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How to Write a SAT Essay and SAT Essay Sample

While you might choose whether or not to do a sample college essay, taking on this task can be very humiliating. Below, however, a guide that can help you ace a composition.

Sample SAT Essay; How You Should Go About It

Testing your ability to comprehend, analyze and synthesize information, a SAT essay is usually a paper in which you are given a comprehension passage usually between six hundred and fifty and seven hundred and fifty words that you should read and write your essay in about fifty minutes.
Giving you the opportunity to show you reading, comprehension as well as ability to follow a sample essay outline, the SAT paper tests whether you can use the author’s ideas and arguments to develop an even stronger easy using the evidence and reasoning presented.

A SAT Sample Essay: The Structure

From the Essay, you will find the writer trying to validate a claim or argument and will present facts as well as what they reason out. For example, the author might suggest that we do not need the sun after all. Follow this claim will by facts such we can develop our light via electricity and fossil fuels and also support life in plants with generated light intensities among others.
Grasping this information and using it in your sample essay outlines essay will ensure that you make an excellent paper to win the hearts of your lecturer. Also, note that your article should not focus on the content of the author’s essay but on how the author has presented the essay and what you think is a good argument and why.

Below Is a Sample of a SAT Essay

As you go through the passage below, show how the author presents:
Evidence of his or her arguments, and the examine support to his or her claims in the sample essay provided
Reason and how he develops his ideas and claims
Stylistic devices such as the use of language and irony, appeal to emotion and how he uses it to give a conclusion
From the above example rather than focusing on the content of the essay you should provide the approach the writer has made on the article, present his ideas to identify his weakness as well as strengths and then finally analysis his or her conclusion.
The SAT essay focuses on the following three major parts which are used to give you a score, reading, your ability to analyze and your writing. Each of these will provide you with 1-4 marks.
To demonstrate your reading, you should try to make accurate in-text citation as well as paraphrase your essay correctly to show that you read it well, which of course goes without saying you should ensure you understand the essay well.
As you should make claims in the essay, you should also prove that you know how the author makes his conclusions from the data he or she presents. Showing your analysis skills and help you get a better grade overall. When doing your analysis do not be biased on your arguments as the lecturer will feel you have not understood what you are saying.
Last but not least the lecturer would mark your grammar, ability to write in correct English as well as your writing prowess. While you might be tempted to use jargon and dictionary-based words on your essay sample, this might do you very much harm. For this reason, keep things simple and if in doubt do not use a word that will try to impress your lecturer that you do not understand its meaning.
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